10/08/2018 Patch

Patch notes, work in progress, and any other news.
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10/08/2018 Patch

Post by Godmode » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:34 pm

- Warp ring no longer purchasable. Warp rings in player's inventories will be deleted in the near future.
- Fixed issue with Capricious Cassie not spawning
- Made Panzer Percival and Frabudio lotto
- Extended the time that Banishing Gates in Garliage Citadel are open.
- Fixed issue with Alky despawning after timer is up. Also noticed the same issue would happen with Sozu Rogberry so fixed that too
- Updated prices of a handful of vendor price items. (I will be posting a thread that can be updated with prices you see that are not correct on the forums for the future as well.)
- Fixed Lord of Onzozo's spell list
- Certain mobs respawn times will not persist through server restarts
- Both Dia and Bio will now overwrite the same tier of themselves
- Fix aggro range of EP monsters. (Please advise if some monsters are not aggroing now that should.)
- Made a temporary fix to the Ornamental Door to allow access to the Impulse Drive WSNM fight. (Note: if you go through here go straight to the fight and then leave after. If anyone is caught idling or fighting there other than the WSNM the temporary fix will be disabled for the entire server.)
- Made a temporary fix for PLD AF quest "A Boy's Dream." Approach the pool and the mob will automatically spawn engaged to you if you are on the quest.
- Kreutzet should now despawn correctly when wind weather goes away. (Please advise if you see him with wind weather not active.)
- Ice spikes are now more retail accurate
- Reduced Ridill drop rate (Was by far above TH4 rates even without any TH)

In other news, unfortunately we haven't collected enough drop rates on mobs to re-enable TH. Please continue to report them on all types of mobs. We need the data from a live environment not test server or retail.