How to update your client from Kupo

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How to update your client from Kupo

Post by Godmode » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:30 pm

For those of you that installed FFXI using Kupo's Installer, there is no need to remove FFXI and install again. I've laid out the following list of things to do to update your client so that you're able to view the correct cutscenes and text in Eden.
  1. Navigate to the folder you installed FFXI to
  2. Then navigate the folders in the following order: FINAL FANTASY XI -> ROM -> 0
  3. Delete the file named "0.dat"
  4. Go back to the folder you installed FFXI to and now open the PlayOnlineViewer folder
  5. Delete the file named pol.exe
  6. Rename the file named "pol.exe.old" to "pol.exe"
  7. Double click on this file to open it and then click the check files button
  8. Select Final Fantasy XI then select check files again
  9. You should have a message pop up that says you have a corrupt file. Go ahead and update to the latest version. It may take some time pending on your internet connection and the load on Square Enix's servers
  10. Make sure you have the correct configuration for Eden. Kupo's bootloader only works for Kupo. I've posted the information needed for Ashita if you used Kupo's installer.

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File: .\\ffxi-bootmod\\pol.exe
Command: --server --hairpin

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